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Social change is complex.

We help organisations dive in and learn! 

We work to see a just and peaceful world where relationships are restored and we are living responsibly with the gift of this planet. We believe that people working together, in civil society organisations, play a key role in making this happen.


But social change is complex, and organisations are often afraid to dive into this complexity. With the right tools and processes for learning and reflection, organisations can feel more confident in navigating the mess of social change, to become adaptive and stay relevant. We believe in being intentional about learning and learning frameworks, focusing on outcomes, and enabling conversation in organisations as an essential part of organisational life and change.


Together we bring over 30 years of experience, working with civil society organisations and funders in community development, education, rights-based approaches and organisational change. We combine this experience with development and pedagogy theory.  We like to work alongside organisations through creative and participatory facilitation, to support learning processes and to develop solutions which are embedded into practice. Where appropriate we enjoy using visualisation, graphic facilitation, arts, and technology to support these processes.




Situated Learning
Theory and Practice
What is important to us

People, connections, tasks, and environments change and grow. This demands continuous learning and knowledge creation in communities of practice (groups of people working around a common purpose).  We support them to have effective tools and space for learning.

Making it work

Having worked as managers, we understand that learning needs to support practice. We try to keep things as practical and usable as possible.


Who is involved in learning and how they are involved is important. Everyone has existing knowledge and strengths to build on. Helping to bridge different perspective is often part of our job. It is the gaps between different perspectives where learning is the most rich!


A focus on actual behavioural changes of people (outcomes) help programmes to better review assumptions and theories, in order to stay relevant and motivated!

Organisations benefit from standing on the theories and knowledge of “giants”. Theory needs to be contextualised in order to be useful. We support organisations to build on theory, but also to adapt and create new theories from their own practice.

We get to work with some amazing people! Learn more about what we do

Explore the rest of our site to find out about our story and who we are; learn about our approach and the things we value in our work; meet the friends, thinkers and theories that inspire us; and follow what we are learning from our recent experience.


If our work sounds interesting, then we would love our paths to cross! We believe relationships are vital in this kind of work.

Please get in contact with us and let’s arrange to talk!

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