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M&E without processes and time for sense-making and reflection, are just data collection taking up precious time!

We believe PEOPLE, as actors, should be at the centre

We believe all social challenges are the result of human behaviour and relationships. Actor-focused approaches can help us understand this reality, the variety of perspectives and motivations that exist, and learn our way forward.


Although many organisations agree that social change is about people, they have kept linear, detailed plans and monitoring systems that do not acknowledge complexity or support learning processes and instead communicate simplistic realities.


We define outcomes as changes in behaviour. A focus at this level helps organisations to actively learn, review theories of change and assumptions, and stay relevant to their contexts. We can help you develop systems and processes that help you pay attention to the emergent behavioural changes which are the first steps towards shifting social systems for the better.

We believe that LEARNING is key to effective work.

Learning needs to be part of all aspects of an organisation’s life.  Who is involved in learning and how they are involved is important, as all persons have existing knowledge and strengths to build on! Our task (and yours!) then is to find ways to negotiate around gaps of understanding.


We listen and seek to connect with your enterprises, your communities of practice, and engage in dialogue. We work with participatory and appreciative approaches to identify gaps, make meaning together and support your programme to become more effective in learning and in seeing results. We support leaders of organisations to provide space for formal and informal communities of practice so learning does not end at a training but becomes part of the life of the organisation.

We believe that the right TOOLS can support staff in working effectively with complex social change. 

 We have experience of using conversation as a tool for processes of organisational change. We also have extensive experience using and training others in the types of participatory monitoring and evaluation tools that take interconnections, perspectives, and boundaries seriously, such as Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting, and Most Significant Change stories. Tools that make room for conversation and stories inspire programme staff and other actors to work effectively.  


We can train your programme personnel to have appropriate, tailor-made tools for their context, using collaborative technology as appropriate. We support the integration of those tools in actual work, seeking to take a holistic perspective (see below!), and preferring to work alongside organisations over a longer period of time.

We can't just keep adding more!

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