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We support learning systems design, organisational change processes, strategic planning, program design, evaluation, and facilitation of reflective events. 







We work with local organisations and funders, supporting them in developing learning frameworks, merging pedagogy and development practice. We prefer to work alongside organisations as they integrate an approach or a tool in practice, in their particular contexts and relationships. Some examples of what we do:


  • Facilitation of learning and decision-making processes.

  • Workshops to introduce organisations to complexity and outcome-focused approaches.

  • Design of intentional learning systems, reviewing and deciding on tools and approaches which fit with their values, to make them relevant and integrated into practice.

  • Actor-focused program design processes.

  • Analysing communication and reporting tools in light of outcome focused and actor-focused approaches.

  • Facilitating organisational-wide processes for reflection on identity and purpose.

  • Training organisations on learning tools designed for complex social change such as Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change and Everyday Political Analysis. 

  • Designing online tools for data management and analysis.

  • Conducted developmental evaluations of programmes, using Outcome Harvesting as an approach.

Experience to date:

Learning loop was started informally in July 2016 while Mariam was completing her masters studies, but really got going in 2017. Phil has been working with Learning Loop as an advisor since the beginning, but started full time in 2019. For a full history of our work experience please refer to our CVs which you can find here.

Review of Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting for Sunshine Cambodia’s staff (Cambodia, 19 May 2023)

Capacity building workshop for PNKS staff in cross-cultural awareness and in collection of stories for qualitative data (Cambodia, May 18 2023)

Outcome Harvesting training workshop for Diakonia's staff in the Asia Region (Cambodia, May 22-24, 2023)

Outcome Harvesting exercise for the Danish Red Cross (Denmark and online with Kenya, Niger, Myanmar, Palestine, and Lebanon, April - August 2023). In close collaboration with the DRC Senior PMEAL Advisor, we supported country teams and global advisors in collecting and analysing outcomes from 2022 which they had contributed to in their work.

Participatory design of ICC’s Church Based Community Development project (Cambodia, April-May 2023). In each of the provinces, churches, local authorities, schools, and communities collaborated in a truly participatory Outcome Mapping design!

Outcome Mapping Design with CODE and partners (Sierra Leone and Liberia, 21 March-3 April). In two separate country workshops, Mariam and CODE staff facilitated workshops where government ministries, Teacher Training Institutes, and school leadership together defined what they wanted to see change and take action to improve teaching quality and especially the practicum experience.

Evaluation of ERIKS Development Partners’ “Barnhemsdialogen” - a project to encourage dialogue around the issue of orphanages (January-February 2023, Sweden). Phil and Mariam have provided long-term support for the project, which now wrapped up with a workshop together with the “Child Rights Ambassadors” and was written up as a report.


Facilitated Outcome Mapping Learning Community's training event in Brussels (Brussels, December 6-9, 2022)

Refresher training and coaching of ERIKS Asia's local partners in Cambodia (Phnom Penh, 21-25 November, 2022)

Hands-on Outcome Harvesting and Outcome Mapping process for Child Safe Communities and partners in Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand November 15-19, 2022)

Outcome Harvesting training for Palestinagrupperna's local partners from the Middle East (Sweden, October 2022)

Training on Outcome Mapping for Life&Peace Institute (Stockholm, October 2022)

Supported Peter Wallenberg Water For All Foundation's board in visioning processes (Stockholm, October 2022)

Together with Jeph Mathias, facilitated bespoke Outcome Mapping training for STGM in Turkey as an OMLC steward (online, October 2022- ongoing)

Facilitated Swedish Mission Council’s OM/OH Community of Practice in real life! (Sep 30 2022, Stockholm)

Long term developmental evaluation support of KFUM's (YMCA) Youth in Power project 2022-2025 (Sweden, September 2022- January 2023)

Facilitated an introduction to Outcome Mapping for CODE (June 2022, online/Canada/Africa)

Canada’s CODE staff and partners in various African countries (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Mozambique, and Liberia) were introduced to Outcome Mapping and tried out the main steps in their own programme contexts in an online training over two weeks.


Co-led Outcome Mapping Learning Communities’ yearly online training event (June 2022, online).

(Mariam) The highlight of the training event was a cohort of generally very keen participants.


Evaluated ADRA Africa Regional Office’s Young and Empowered Programme (Feb - July 2022, Southern Africa)

Working online and during field trips to all five of the implementing countries, the ADRA YEP staff of Eswatini, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, and Namibia worked with us to gather outcomes. We found an effective concept of leveraging a church network and adult mentors to support friendship groups, boosting the confidence of the youth to work for a better future.


Facilitated an introduction to Outcome Mapping for Forum Civ (March 2022)


Evaluated LPI’s Peacefinders project (January - March 2022)

This evaluation could make use of Peacefinder’s programme advisor thorough outcome harvesting database. Qualitative interviews with the active youth, collaborating partners, and with decision makers gave further insights to change processes and future plans.

Facilitated a brief introduction to Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting for Palestinagrupperna (31 January, 2022, Stockholm)


Facilitated an Outcome Harvesting Workshop piloting an workshop concept for My Right in Sri Lanka (Jan - February 2022)

My Right works in partnership with organisations in Sri Lanka that work for the rights of people with disabilities. Our workshop piloted how to facilitate a workshop conducive for the blind and the deaf and worked across two spoken languages! A highlight was the mid-week field visits to three government institutions harvesting outcomes in real life!


Supported M’lup Russey Organisation in the review of their monitoring and reporting system (Dec 2021 - current, online/Cambodia).

MRO have used Outcome Mapping, but found that their monitoring system had developed in ways that they no longer found helpful and practical. Together, we are reviewing and exploring how to make M&E meaningful and feasible again!


Facilitated Swedish Mission Council’s OM/OH Community of Practice in real life! (Dec 2021, Stockholm)

Visualising data, participatory processes, and ways of supporting partners in outcomes based approaches were themes we grappled with!


Facilitated an online introduction to Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting for Eriks Development Partners' partner organisations in Asia (Sep 2021, Online/Cambodia)

Supported ADRA Swedento develop an overall plan and tools to operationalise an integrated Outcome Mapping/Outcome Harvesting approach together with partners. (Oct 2021-current, Sweden/online/Uganda)

Working with an organisation with people who whole heartedly want to work with outcome has been a joy. Working with ADRA Sweden's partners in a highly participatory IRL workshop in Uganda was such a joy!


Co-led Outcome Mapping Learning Communities’ yearly online training event (Nov-Dec 2021, online).

(Mariam) The highlight of the training event was how special guests from the OMLC facilitated sessions with their expertise, providing several flavours and variety of experiences to the training.


Final evaluation of World Concern Myanmar’s child protection project. (Oct-Dec 2021, online/Myanmar).

We worked with the local team’s own monitoring data and supported them as they substantiated outcomes and did further outcome harvesting in the remote northern Myanmar context amidst the challenges of Covid-19 and the political context! 


Support to Taksvärkki theory of change and monitoring systems development for both development cooperation and Global Citizenship Education programme in Finland. (Jan-May 2021, online/Finland)

Having recently reviewed Taksvärkki's development cooperation programme through an evaluation, it was nice to continue the collaboration with Taksvärkki as they prepared for a new programme phase. We sketched up actor focused theories of change on Mural, and created some Outcome Mapping and Harvesting inspired tools to help create an M&E framework.

Practical training of SIL Bangladesh in Outcome Harvesting and Outcome Mapping, which included an evaluation of the project supported by PMU. (Feb-May 2021, online/Bangladesh)

We remotely conducted an evaluation using Outcome Harvesting, both to evaluate the project and to build capacity of  the staff in the approach. Following this process, we provided some additional coaching as SIL Bangladesh revises their monitoring systems and finds practical ways of working with the tools. All four field offices have been practically involved in the process which we facilitated online.

Support to EFC in developing a new M&E system (June 2021-May 2022, online)

(Mariam) Building on our work with them last summer, we are now supporting them (online) in developing outcome mapping and outcome harvesting tools which they can use with the disaster management network that they support.

Support to SIL International MEL (September 2020 - Ongoing)

Following a small funding proposal to help SIL have stronger M&E which supports learning and adaptive management, Phil is providing long term support as the organisation works with the needed cultural, capacity, and systems changes.

Planning, training, and facilitation of SIL International's four yearly international conference (Sep 2020 - May 2021)

(Phil) Worked as an advisor/trainer on a small team planning and facilitating SILs international conference. As a team we designed ways of helping the 250 conference members explore assumptions and mental models using participatory and visual facilitation approaches in an online setting with participants from all over the globe! This was a real challenge, but the online conference went very well.

Digital workshops with a local partner of SweFOR in South Sudan in writing a baseline report. (April 2021, online)

Building on the experience of supporting similar processes with two other local partners, we worked together creating a rich picture of the local systems they are influencing using a suite of digital tools which could cope with poor internet connection: WhatsApp, Mural, Zoom. The aim was that this "baseline" report would support the choice of boundary partners by analysing current behaviour.


Evaluation of the Rafiki project using outcome mapping data and outcome harvesting monitoring data. (completed December 2021, online) The project aims to increase knowledge on the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals through the schools. We used their monitoring data and added surveys and interviews with teachers to triangulate our findings. 

Outcome Mapping introduction for the Interact’s regional staff (15, 18, 22 March 2021, online)

A bespoke training to support Interact region's choice of tools in designing their next programme phase.

Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting introduction for the Adoptionscentrum’s development cooperation team (1-5 March 2021, online)  

A bespoke training to introduce Adoptionscentrum to the tools as they design their next programme phase.

Webinar series and online CoP on Outcome-based approaches (OM and OH) with SMC and member organisations (Jan 2021 ongoing, Online). 

Together with a team from SMC we ran another 3x2hour webinar introducing OM and OH. We used zoom with Mural and google sheets. Since this initial introduction we have also run three online CoP sessions together with SMC.


Workshop with “Child Rights ambassadors” to support learning in the Barnhemsdialogen project. (September 2020, Jönköping and online workshop January 2021, Jönköping)

We used a combination of Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting to explore changes in the contexts that the ambassadors had access to and to discuss possible strategies during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Refresher training and coaching on Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting for World Concern Myanmar’s Child Protection Project staff (November 2020-April 2021, online/Myanmar) We worked digitally with a local team reviewing their current M&E practices and supporting new staff with foundations. The commitment to the process in times of unrest and restrictions, was impressive!

Outcome Harvesting coaching to SIL Nepal team (September 2020-ongoing)

After an initial introduction, SIL Nepal practically trained local partners in the method and engaged in field work in several locations in Nepal. We are now helping them with ongoing analysis and reflection on the data.

Evaluation of Taksvärkki’s development cooperation programme 2018- 2021 (July-Dec 2021, online/Finland/Malawi/Kenya).

Due to COVID-19 (again!) we adapted our approach to run a remote, online outcome harvesting evaluation with two of Taksvärkki's program partners. We used a mix of online tools and approaches, and supported local facilitators. We really appreciated Taksvärkki's flexibility and openness to learn with us as we tried this new approach during the challenging COVID-19 situation. Learn more about the evaluation in the evaluation blog.


Development of OPC review and adaptation sessions for regional programs (Fall 2020, online)

(Phil, subcontracted by NIRAS) Working with Pontus Modeer to support OPC to develop, test, and train in a format for review and adaptation meetings.

Outcome harvesting support to LPI's peacefinders project (July 2020-January 2021, online/Stockholm)

We provided ongoing support to the project in gathering, refining (ping-pong!) and making sense of outcomes. It was our first time to use Podio as the database for OH. In January we analysed and summarised the work in a Learning Brief.

Webinar series on Outcome-based approaches (OM and OH) with SMC and Children's Mission Africa (May 2020, Online). 

Together with a team from SMC and CMA we ran a 3x2hour webinar introducing OM and OH. We used zoom with Mural and google sheets.

Online Outcome Mapping design workshop with PNKS and TAI (25-27th March, Online)

Mariam worked with facilitators from PNKS supporting partner TAI to help review a recent context analysis and create a new outcome mapping design for the program in Stung Treng, Cambodia. This was the first time we used Mural for an online workshop and we love it!

Development of a baseline for OPCs international civil society program (Jan - June 2020, Sweden)

Looking at actor-focused approaches to create a rich "current situation" description for each of their regional programs. This became quite a substantial desk-review, and Mariam is now well read on trade-union issues around the world!


Planning and facilitation of SIL International's online conference (Mar 2019 - May 2020 Online)

(Phil) Due to COVID-19 the IRL conference was delayed to 2021, but SIL wanted to try and connect online. Together with a team from SIL we created an online conference using Zoom, Google slides, and Mentimeter. In the open sessions over 800 people attended! We used a Most-significant change process to review change in the organisation since 2016, and had other interactive methods for group work and polls. It was a great experience to be part of, and we have learnt a lot!

Outcome Mapping / Outcome harvesting design process with CSC Pakistan and Equmeniakyrkan (Mar - May 2020 Stockholm/online)

(Phil) Due to COVID-19 we had to cut the training in Stockholm short so the Pakistani participants could get home! We resumed the training in May using Jitsi, Mural and Google docs/sheets to create an online training environment during 7, 2.5 hour sessions. We landed in a pilot concept for testing both outcome mapping with one actor, and outcome harvesting for others.

Actor-focused Theory of Change workshop with ACT (March 4-7 2020, Tunisia)

We joined ACTs annual conference to help them put together an actor-focused theory of change.

Mid-term project review of PNKS project in Prey Lang, Cambodia (Jan-Mar 2020, Cambodia)

Mariam worked with the PNKS team to help review their context analysis and conduct an outcome harvest as part of their mid-term review.

Quick Online introduction to Outcome Harvesting with Diakonia's IHL program team (23rd Jan 2020) 

Short 3 hour workshop introducing OH and giving participants some practice in writing outcome statements

Developing a Theory of Change for the International teams of Swedish Red Cross to support qualitative monitoring of results (Dec 2019 - February 2020)

(Mariam on assignment from Nordic Consultancy Group) Working alongside the MEAL advisor and SRC teams to develop an actor-focused ToC, paying attention to behavioural change outcomes.

Translation of Swedish Mission Council’s materials to English (Dec 2019- Jan 2020, Sweden)

This time translating their conflict-sensitivity policy and other website communication.

We are also using Outcome Harvesting as an approach to gather data on internal organisational change for use in the conference.

OMLC Winter School in Brussels (3-6 Dec, 2019, Belgium)

(Mariam together with other OMLC stewards) facilitated a 4- day event taking a deep dive into outcome based approaches for monitoring, learning and evaluation, looking at complexity, systems thinking, and adaptive management using theory and practical cases of using Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting. 

Mini-workshop on Outcome Harvesting at Yangon University of Education (14 Nov, 2019, Myanmar)

An introduction to Outcome Harvesting for education lecturers from two universities in Myanmar learning about monitoring and evaluation.

WCM training on adaptive programming, Asset-Based Community Development and context analysis (6-13 Nov, 2019)

Two project teams worked with theory and practice, using participatory learning and action tools to ensure project relevance and learn deeply with community actors.

Design of an organisational review system for Olof Palme Centre (Sep-Nov 2019, Sweden)

Avoiding designing another assessment tool, we are trying to work out a useful tool to support OPC's partner organisations in their capacity development.

Outcome Mapping introduction training with SMC (23 Oct 2019, Stockholm, Sweden)

Short introduction training for SMC staff.

Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting training workshop with Leprosy Mission Nigeria (October 7-11, Nigeria)

Week long training on OM and OH including facilitating a mini-OH with participants in one of TLM Nigeria's projects. It was great to return to Nigeria after 15 years!

Follow up of Rafiki's M&E system (Sep 4, 2019, Kungsbacka, Sweden)

A day of exploring data, purposes of the learning system, and ways forward. 

Online support to International Solidarity Foundation's Outcome Harvest in Kenya (May-Sep 2019, online/Finland,Kenya)

A former participant at an OM training in Finland led the evaluation who in turn has worked closely with two local organisations.

Evaluation of Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia's Relief and Disaster Management Programme (Jul 25-Aug 3, 2019, Phnom Penh/Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia)

We sought to understand what difference the project had made, working closely with a team of EFC staff including ERIKS Development Partner staff. We did an Outcome Harvest with a large portion of social network analysis. The disaster preparedness network was highly engaged throughout the process. What an inspiration to see churches involved in this!

OM training for World Concern Myanmar's child protection team (27-31 May, 2019, Northern Myanmar)

We started the training by reviewing what the team had learned about the communities' own perceptions on desired change. This was a great way to launch in to a whole week of Outcome Mapping with a team already well familiar with outcomes as behavioural change. They developed some super-insightful and useful tools and plans firmly rooted in context and experiences!

Evaluation of WPN's Education in Emergencies project (May 20-June 6, 2019, Northern Myanmar)

This was my (Mariam) first time trying to understand education in a challenging conflict area. Again, working semi-remotely with a team of WPN staff, we did an outcome harvest using a resilience lens to understand the data. Lots of learning!

Design of a learning and evaluation system for Barnhemsdialogen (10 May, 2019- current, Bleket, Sweden)

We kicked off some longer term M&E work with a project seeking to inspire dialogue around the problems and benefits of orphanages. Making a relevant "baseline" was challenging!


Development of a Programming Workshop Concept for Olof Palme Centre (April-May, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden)

Initiating another four year funding period and with a new strategy, OPC wanted a relevant workshop concept developed. Phil and I (Mariam) drew on all that we have previously found useful to develop a set of materials and a concept in collaboration with methods advisors and programme staff. 

Evaluation of World Concern Myanmar's child protection work (22 Feb-9 Mar, 2019, Northern Myanmar)

This was our first semi-remote Outcome Harvest. A team of young (mostly Indigenous staff) were trained by me (Mariam) outside the project area followed by them sharing data in real time over a social media platform with me. It was also my first evaluation blogging experience aimed to help funders and head office staff follow the process. Phil supported with the quantitative (baseline and endline) data analysis.

Vision Development Workshop with SIL International (Jan 15-17, 2019, London, England)

I facilitated a processes of work through visions and goals with a super competent team. A highlight was taking breaks for new input and perspectives during our runs in the park, catching glimpses of sun and fresh air.

Follow up workshop for Chab Dai Coalition’s leaders on Outcome Harvesting (Dec 5-6, 2018, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

The project teams have had a year of collecting outcomes! Together we looked at how to improve the process, analyse and follow up on outcomes! Planning the workshop together with their M&E advisor was a joy.


Monitoring support to the Rafiki programme team, an education programme which is a cooperation by Eriks Development Partner and Individuell Människohjälp (Oct-Dec, 2018, Gothenburg).

The team is working hard together to review their monitoring systems, aiming for a system that is practical and insightful. I have facilitated introductions to tools and facilitated processes and I am learning lots about schools in Sweden and the importance of what they do! 

Training courses: Outcome Mapping training and Follow Up on Outcome Harvesting training (Nov 19-22, 2018, Helsinki).

I was excited to come back to work with Kepa's network of members and to see the creativity they had used in applying principles from the Outcome Harvesting training to their monitoring and evaluation work. Congratulations to Kepa and Kehys now having become FINGO! 

Evaluation of Cambodia's Multilingual Educational National Action Plan 2015-2018 (July 2018-Feb 2019, Phnom Penh)

Dr. Jessica Ball and I co-led the evaluation contracted by UNICEF, a summative and formative evaluation to inform the new MENAP. It was a privilege to work with a team of local facilitators competent in indigenous languages and cultures of Northeastern Cambodia to explore changes from the level of the grassroots to national level! 

Training course: Learn how to harvest outcomes! (May 23-24, 2018, Helsinki).

21 participants from Kepa's civil society member organisations in Finland worked hard with 5 real participant cases from around the world to learn about harvesting outcomes. Kepa was among the five cases, looking at outcomes from their own work with capacity building. I believe real cases are always so much more complex and meaningful than made up ones! 

Outcome Mapping Learning and Exchange (April 30-May 2, 2018, Bangkok).

Simon Hearn, Jeph Mathias, and I enjoyed co-facilitating this workshop with participants mainly from Asia, but a few from Europe and Africa as well. Some were experienced users of Outcome Mapping and others more new to the OM philosophy and methodology.  A challenge for facilitation!

Workshop with Child Safe staff to design monitoring tools (April, 2018, Upon Ratchathani, Thailand).  

We started with a historical scan, exploring outcomes and their contribution, and continued to design monitoring tools. It was an intense week working around vision. So fun to see a note like this: "I have attended lots of trainings, but I haven't felt joyful like this time with you." :)

Workshop for all Chab Dai Coalition’s staff on Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting (Jan 2018, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and continuing...)

This is the kick off of an exciting and long process working with Chab Dai Coalition to revise their learning and M&E system. They want their learning systems to answer their main questions and better work with the outcomes they see from their work.


Workshop with PMU’s staff on Pedagogy and Complexity (Jan 2018, Stockholm)

PMU’s staff grapple with how to best support organisational learning and facilitate training cross culturally.  Together, we built on PMU’s positive experiences while engaging with theories related to complexity and participation. 

Training Course “Managing Outcome-Based Development” (Dec 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

During 1 1/2 day, Jeph, Phil and Mariam engaged with 12 highly competent donors, directors, programme managers and consultants in discussing the core of the outcome focused approach while digging deep with practical issues of how to think about communication and aggregation of data while limited by existing systems and relationships.


Workshop on Everyday Political Analysis for Danmission’s partner organisations (Dec 2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

It was exciting for Jeph Mathias and Mariam who facilitated this 1-day workshop to see how the Everyday Political Analysis (EPA) could be useful for participants who represented organisations working on projects as diverse as forest protection to peace and reconciliation. EPA is a relatively practical and easy tool to analyse the people and groups of people that project staff relate to, helping them to pay attention to the boundaries and relationships that their partners might have.


Training Course “Outcome Harvesting—Ideas and Practice” (Dec 2017, Mondulkiri, Cambodia)  

One of the principles of Outcome Harvesting is to learn about OH experientially, and the 15 participants on this course certainly had this opportunity.  Jeph Mathias and Mariam worked with participants to evaluate the ICC-iBCDE project in Mondulkiri and the changes towards dignified adaptation among the Bunong people which they have contributed to. A limited, but rich experience to see the progress made since I was managing the programme three years ago!


Training Course “Outcome Mapping—Basics and Beyond” (Dec 2017, Mondulkiri, Cambodia)

This was the first of a series of courses hosted by Mission Alliance.  Jeph and Mariam were privileged to work with 15 dedicated and well-qualified course participants from Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia, and India. It was evident that participants took the opportunity to grapple with complexity both in theory and in practice. Some of the organisations took their first steps to designing their work using Outcome Mapping and others reviewed the design they already had in place.


Analysis of SweFOR’s communication and templates for annual reporting in order to adapt them to be more outcome-focused (Nov 2017, Sweden)

Mariam felt as though she was back doing her masters thesis. She enjoyed doing an analysis of SweFOR’s foundational documents, application- and reporting templates, as well as samples of their reports, mapping out her findings.  The most exciting part was engaging in dialogue with partners and discussing with SweFOR’s Swedish staff and providing recommendations for new templates and annual reporting processes. To take that extra step to draft something as concrete as a draft template is very satisfying!


Facilitated an introduction to complexity, Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting during Eriks global meetings (Sep 2017, Gransnäs, Sweden)

It was dissatisfying to only have 6 hours, even though Mariam (and BunChhoeuth who co-facilitated this session) knew that all we could achieve would be to offer a first taste of a different way of thinking about development progress and learning.  Mariam later learned, however, that the 6 hours had caused new conversations among the participants who were programme leaders and finance personnel from Eriks’ different regions around the world as well as the Swedish head office and if organisational changes starts with conversation, then we did our job.


Outcome Harvesting training, designing for SweFOR's internal harvest of one of their partner organisations (Apr 2017, Stockholm, Sweden)

We only had one day together in Stockholm with the high goals of the international programme staff learning the foundations of Outcome Harvesting and designing a harvest in South Sudan to be conducted the following week. From a debrief in October, the experience had been meaningful for SweFOR and their partner organisation, and is, of course, part of a much longer process of integrating Outcome Harvesting in their work.


Translation of Swedish Mission Council’s policy documents to English (Mar 2017, Sweden)

Mariam enjoyed translating SMC’s resilience and gender policy documents from Swedish to English, learning from this reification (artefact) of their latest learning and thinking on these topics!


Training in Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting in Myanmar for Eriks partner organisations (May 2017, Yangon and southern Myanmar)

The one-week workshop with organisations working in various places in Myanmar was pure joy! Some organisations had a clear focus on human behaviour already, and working with outcomes fitted perfectly with their way of thinking. We spent two days working on an Outcome Harvest for one of the local organisation’s work in Southern Myanmar before finishing off with some higher level discussions on process, big picture, inclusion and M&E.


Training in Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting in Cambodia for Eriks Regional Office staff and their partner organisations (Feb-Mar 2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Getting to know five organisations during this one-week introductory workshop was a privilege. It was a challenge for organisations who were used to planning activities well and linearly to now focus on outcomes.  The Outcome Harvest in a Phnom Penh slum area during the last two days was what participants felt gave them the best understanding of outcomes and was an encouragement to the hosting local organisation who had not seen progress in that way before!


Long-term consultancy on M&E to International Cooperation Cambodia’s Village Integration Development Project (Jul 2016-Dec 2017)

It is satisfying to work with a project from ideas to practice! Mariam initiated discussions on their M&E needs and presented different roads they could take, trained the staff in Outcome Mapping and Most Significant Change, facilitated discussion on their reflection and reporting systems, supported the set up of their monitoring systems online and facilitated reflection and analytic processes in workshops in Cambodia. Beyond having an M&E system, ICC-VIDP now feel that their boundary partners better understand their own visions and what they want to achieve!


Co-consultant for an Outcome Harvesting evaluation of Ponleu Ney Kdei Sangkhum’s 3 year programme (Jul-Aug 2016, Cambodia)

Jeph invited Mariam to co-consult on this evaluation, which was such a privelege! We first introduced the PNKS staff and four representatives from the community to the foundational principles and methods of Outcome Harvesting for two days, before engaging them in a two week Outcome Harvest in villages in two Cambodian provinces. Each night Mariam and Jeph sat with a team of 4 PNKS staff and 4 community members to make meaning of the outcome stories we collected. We finished off the Outcome Harvest with a participatory evaluation workshop with key stakeholders using the questions we recommended to explore further and Jeph then continued to support the PNKS team in a “So-what workshop”.

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