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Getting a glimpse of complexity through a historical scan

I often find that organisations get stuck in nice words, words that are vague and future oriented. Outcome Mapping can help us be more concrete about the future and how you understand the present. Another useful tool is using a participatory historical scan! When I was helping Child Safe in Ubon Ratchathani last month, we mapped out positive behavioural changes (orange), activities we had done (green), positive contextual changes (yellow) and risks/threats (blue) on a timeline. Looking concretely at the past, wearing different lenses and including various perspectives, helped us to explore identity. The team saw how all team members had been instrumental in seeing "fruit". It feels so much more human and reasonable to tell their “story” in this way. Everything makes so much more sense than only chopping the story up in categories and numbers (although that can be a fun exercise sometimes)! :)

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